Contemporary Premium Steam and Shower Room Package

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This unit is far above the starter package; the Contemporary Deluxe Package offers a functional control required for your steam and shower environment including all the bells and whistles such as a bar graph detailing the  temperature settings (min and max), volume, light type and intensity as well as a 45 minute default session setting. The Serenity Light and Music System user can enjoy a complete music system, which features high-performance speakers, built-in FM receiver, two additional input source interfaces and is compatible with portable MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, TV, satellite radio and cable boxes. Mood Light Mode, an innovative chromatherapy option, generates a gradually changing spectrum of light.

Deluxe Package includes:
• Temp-Touch Plus Control and Steamhead
• Serenity Light and Music System

Package Finishes:
PC = Polished Chrome
SC = Satin Chrome
PB = Polished Brass
SB = Satin Brass
AB = Antique Brass
COP = Polished Copper
ACOP = Antique Copper
PN = Polished Nickel
SN = Satin Nickel
BN = Black Nickel
AN = Antique Nickel
PG = Polished Gold

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