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ThermaSol Steam Generators only use a small part of the water required to take a regular shower. Environmentally friendly, using only 2 gallons of water to produce 20 minutes of steam - This varies from a standard's shower which consumes 40 gallons!

Power Pack Series 2
Features include the following:
- All system components come packaged together for convenient ordering and the
elimination of errors.
- Fully programmable digital control system: convenient and easy to use.
- 7 day programmability: specific to both time and temperature and optimized for
day-to-day individual settings.
- PowerFlush™ inner-tank cleaning system: automated pressurized decalcification system
eliminates sediment build-up.
- Stainless steel split-tank design adds longevity by separating the heating function
from the water feed function.
- Constant steam at a constant rate: no irritating steam lags or bursts.
- Superior Heating Elements: a level of corrosion resistance far superior to copper, brass or stainless steel.
- 1 year parts and labor in-field warranty, and 5 years at the factory.
- On Demand Steam with included Mechanical Timer.

Unit Measurements: 16 1/4″ L x 18 1/4″ W x 32” H

Calculate : L x W x H then:
Chose the appropriate model from above:
All interior wall material is irrelevant to build a superior steam room. Ceiling height should not exceed 8 feet, for every foot of ceiling height over 8 feet use the next larger generator.

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