Homecraft Uses Clear Western Red Cedar for Saunas

The Western Red Cedar trees provide for sustainable high quality wood. The Cedar trees are inhabited across the borders of the north east Pacific northwest and north America; and they are the perfect vegetative models of adaptive growth. Due to the weather conditions in the region, the trees are more prone to susceptibility from fungus, microorganisms and insects. But, Western Red Cedar trees have a perfect method of self-protection from destruction. They produce natural oils that serve as therapeutic preservatives and help themselves to resist damage from insects and fungi. The Western Red Cedar wood when treated and maintained properly, ages gracefully and lasts for many years. These trees have a large lifespan of nearly 1,000 years, and due to their natural resistance to decay, the wood of the Cedar remains strong and sound for over 100 years. Hence, it is the best choice for Saunas, and Homecraft uses Clear Western Red Cedar for its sauna kits.

Features of Western Red Cedar Wood

Western Red Cedar is non toxic and provides best alternative to lumber that contains chemicals.

  • It remains consistently stable in quality. It is not subject to changes under varying weather conditions, making it ideal for both indoor sauna and outdoor sauna kits
  • It is porous and light in texture. This makes it consistent for high insulation. The porous texture of wood makes it sound resistant and ideal for home siding and in both wet saunas and dry saunas.
  • It is light-weighted, and is characterized by ‘straight grain’ which means it is easy to split and carve.
  • It is fine, elegant and highly preferred for fine finish and resistance from insects, moisture and rotting.

Western Red Cedar wood structure is replete with dense cells, of around ten millions per cubic inch, therefore it gains the quality of strong endurance. It does not shrink, bend or crack like other wood.

  • It is known for its beauty with its rich grain and radiant colours. They make the best choice for interiors in saunas
  • The cedar wood interiors naturally emit freshness due to the ingrained oils in the wood

Western Red Cedar wood comes in different grades and are mainly classified into Knotty and Clear types.

  • Clear Red Cedar is unblemished and is very clear with fewer knots.

    It is the prime choice of best builders when it comes to building sauna because it is fine, elegant and ideal for moist conditions, unlike the Knotty Cedar which has several knots and grain variations formed due to the knots of branches when live.

For further information on Sauna kits, Sauna heaters and Sauna accessories built from Western Red Cedar Wood, please contact our experts on 1-800-870-7544.


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