Traditional saunas VS Infrared Saunas

The scope for choice often baffles, hence the need for being better informed.

The concept of Saunas has been an age old practice attributed to the earliest of civilizations in the world, and was a practice proven to produce magical health benefits, through complete relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul.

The practice of traditional Sauna is upheld even to this day with improved means of heating over the conventional types. The advancement of technology brought in varied methods of heating; some being improved traditional methods and some based on exclusively electronic methods. Infrared heating in saunas is one such innovation that has come into use as an alternative resource for heating.

There are various claims that the respective dealers of both types put forward, with regard to efficiency of traditional saunas and the infrared sauna benefits. But, it is for the customers to to make an informed decision before choosing the right home saunas or saunas for community use.

Here are a few important features of both that help you make informed decisions:

Traditional and Infrared Saunas: Facts

Features Benefits
  • Process of heating in Traditional saunas is done through electrically heating the compartment of stones, which in turn radiate heat in the room.
  • Infrared saunas are set on radiant heat where the heat emitters directly reflect on the human body, without the need for heating the air or stones.
  • This system permits enhancing the healthy humid steam by pouring a ladle of water on the heated rocks
  • This system radiates heat directly into to the human body; and there is no way to control the humidity in the sauna room which is very essential from the health point of view
  • In Traditional saunas when the high temperature is reached, the elements of heating are cycled on and off to maintain the required temperature.
  • Infrared saunas need to be kept ON all the time to keep the emitters to emit the energy continuously. Once the emitters are off, the sauna cools down instantly.
  • This allows the warm sauna experience to linger on and come to a gradual and natural cool off, which is more satisfactory.
  • Abrupt ending of the warmth does not allow the sauna experience to linger on for a satisfactory and natural ending. And, consumption of electric power will be for longer periods too.
  • The popular Traditional Sauna heaters produce heat to the extent of 180-190°F
  • The hottest temperature in an Infrared sauna is between 120° and 140° F
  • Perspiration is caused soon after you enter a traditional sauna when it is properly heated.
  • The bather will sweat profusely even at much lower temperatures in infrared sauna, but infrared takes time to heat up the sauna room.
  • Infrared energy is absorbed by the Silicon, if implanted for any reason, within the human body. Although silicone melts at over 200°C (392°F) and would not be affected by the usage of infrared sauna. it is still advised that the users with silicone in the body, check with their surgeon or by calling the representative from the implant manufacturer, before using infrared sauna.
  • Facility to cool the heated rocks with water in Traditional saunas
  • Infrared saunas do not have the facility to control humidity
  • Helps not only in increasing the humidity and wetting the nasal passages; but also allows mixing of aroma oils with water for a refreshing fragrance and feel.
  • Bathers are left to bear the dryness associated with high temperature. There is no way to moisten the nasal passage, and the bathers must leave the sauna if the heat is unbearable.
  • Traditional saunas offer larger space to accommodate multiple users.
  • The scope for space in Infrared saunas is limited. They cannot accommodate more than one or two bathers, due to the need for being close within the range of emitters.
  • Ensures maximum sauna benefits for a rewarding individual or family or social time, and even the means to host sauna parties.
  • Allows only individual retreat for a private time and relaxation.
If your goal is to have a perfect sauna experience: relax the body and soul for an enriching out of the world experience; inhale the exotic and soothing fragrance of therapeutic aroma; enjoy the warmth without de-moistening your skin and nasal passages, and have the comfort and complete experience of natural warming and gradual cooling- Your choice is Traditional Sauna.

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