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Homecraft Manufacturing Corporation, (saunas4less) has been manufacturing authentic traditional saunas since 1988, and is an industry leader in design innovation in North America. Our Homecraft brand of sauna heaters are manufactured in our factory using CNC (computer numeric control) machinery, giving us very tight tolerances and exact control. This provides you with the very best quality end product, and is backed by a Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

The sauna heater is the heart of the sauna and a Homecraft sauna provides the right climate for you the sauna bather. All Homecraft saunas come complete with our state of the art digital control which offers quiet, exact temperature.

So whether you are buying a sauna kit, sauna heater, or any of our sauna accessories, our obligation to our customers extends past the point of sale. The many referrals customers give us are testament to our commitment to deliver top quality products and stellar customer service.


Many of our current customers have dealt with us for years and return for exemplary service and sauna products.
The best referrals are from satisfied clients, so we’ll let them speak for us:

”I was renovating an old house and wanted to install a sauna that would reflect the style and character of the property. Having searched the internet and visited local suppliers I finally settled on a Homecraft sauna. The decision was based on the quality offered, excellent price and the first class service provided. When it arrived (on schedule), the carpenter on site was impressed with the clear instructions for fitting and in no time at all I had a lovely Canadian Cedar sauna from which I have had hours of wonderful relaxation!! Congratulations to Stewart and the team at Homecraft for a job well done!” Leo Kennedy, Dublin Ireland
“Thank you so much for all your advice. Our sauna kit arrived complete with detailed instructions. Unfortunately, our contractor couldn’t make it last weekend so my husband and I tackled it ourselves! It went together just as your people described. Thanks for the generous amount of cedar included in the kit.” Karen Murphy, New York
“Since purchasing a sauna kit from you, my wife and I have become avid users. Please find enclosed the names and addresses of two acquaintances who are interested in purchasing a sauna for themselves. I’ve recommended you folks because of the comfortable feeling I got from talking with you by phone.” Don Barton, Colorado
“It has been 6 months since we purchased our 6 x 7 sauna room from you and we’re loving it. Please find enclosed our order for some sauna accessories. We are enjoying the additional lights you recommended, along with the sauna essence. Feel free to use our name as a satisfied customer.” Cheryl Simms, Idaho
“Aloha: Just to let you know we finished the sauna and it looks and works great.
Thank you for your assistance with my carpenter and electrician’s questions while they were installing.” ”Mahalo” (thank you)
. Cindy W, Hawaii
“I purchased my Homecraft sauna and heater 2 years ago. It is a top of the line product and has been trouble free since I first used it. I would recommend your company to anyone interested in a quality sauna. I especially like the sauna heater and controls.”
Ross Clark, Raymond, Illinois

At the risk of beating our own drum, we could add lots more but you get the idea. We strive for customer satisfaction in every order!

At Homecraft(Saunas4Less), we are:

With over 24 years presence in the sauna heater industry, Homecraft sauna heaters have a proven track record of reliability. The use of modern CNC equipment combined with all manufacturing being done in our own plant, ensures quality control of the highest standards.

Finished with the finest materials available, Homecraft sauna heaters are built to deliver many years of dependable service. Homecraft sauna heater elements are arranged in-line for greater efficiency and longer life. Unobstructed free flow air circulation provides fast preheating and faster recovery of sauna room temperatures. Our sauna controls are chosen for strength and durability… no skimping here!

Our high standards of quality control, combined with the best materials and components makes Homecraft sauna heaters and controls the most requested by discerning architects, builders, and commercial fitness centers. Homecraft sauna products are the most competitive in the market today.

Manufactured entirely in our own facilities, we constantly strive to improve and perfect our products. We are justifiably proud of our quality and our position as a manufacturer of premier sauna heaters.

Homecraft (Saunas4Less) Heater Guarantee

Every Homecraft sauna heater has been carefully inspected and packaged prior to shipping and we guarantee to correct or replace, at our discretion, any defect caused by faulty material or workmanship. This guarantee applies as follows:

  • RESIDENTIAL installations of sauna heaters: LIFETIME limited warranty against manufacturers defects. (Note: heating elements and high-limit switch are regarded as “consumable” items and are excluded from this warranty.)
    HEATER CONTROLS : warranted for one year from date of purchase.
  • COMMERCIAL installations of sauna heater and controls: one year from the date of purchase. Note: heating elements and high-limit switch are regarded as “consumable” items and are excluded from this warranty.)
  • SAUNA ACCESSORIES manufactured by Homecraft: one year from the date of purchase.

This guarantee does not cover faults or defects caused by misuse, negligence, improper installation, installation in high corrosion areas, alterations, careless handling, damage in shipping, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond the control of Homecraft Manufacturing Corporation or its authorized agents.

No reimbursement by Homecraft (Saunas4Less) will be allowed for costs incurred to diagnose, remedy, or replace parts without prior written agreement.

Electrical wiring and hook-up should only be done by a certified electrician. All equipment must be installed according to our heater installation instructions observing the required clearances of the sauna heater and the proper position of the temperature sensor probe. Our electrical connection instructions are a guide only and local electrical codes will supersede our instructions. Electrical connection by a non-certified person voids the sauna heater and control guarantee. We reserve the right to decline responsibility where repairs or replacements have been attempted by others.

The complete sauna unit must be returned to one of our Factory Service branches or to our factory with transportation charges prepaid. A return authorization must be obtained from Homecraft Manufacturing before returning any product.

(Please call us before returning any product, we can often trouble-shoot difficulties over the phone.)

No other verbal or written guarantee is applicable to our products.