Steamroom Temp-Touch Plus Kit – Traditional Digital Control and Steamhead

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Engineered for superior safety with an improved, easy to install, design. When not in use, the steamhead is flush to the wall and when on, the “center” protrudes. Upon completion of the steam session the “center” retracts, and returns flush to the wall. Aromatherapy oils can be added to enhance your steam experience. Your choice of 14 decorator steamhead finishes, enhance your bathroom décor.

Temp-Touch Control
• Adjustable temperature control
• Pre-set 45 minute timer control
• Last setting memory
• Operates Auto PowerFlush™ (PRO & AF Series)
• Operates optional light and music system
• All metal construction – PVD plating technology
• 14 finishes
• Enhanced diagnostics

Aromatherapy Retractable Steamhead
• Patented NoTouch™ retractable steamhead with integral aromatherapy well
• Available in 14 finishes
• Sleek new design dispenses steam safely
• Whisper quiet

Package Finishes:
PC = Polished Chrome
SC = Satin Chrome
PB = Polished Brass
SB = Satin Brass
AB = Antique Brass
COP = Polished Copper
ACOP = Antique Copper
PN = Polished Nickel
SN = Satin Nickel
BN = Black Nickel
AN = Antique Nickel
PG = Polished Gold
ORB = Oil Rubbed Bronze
WHT = White

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