Relax-A-Mist Residential Steam Generator (MODEL JR1&2)

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All Relax-A-Mist steam generators reach full boil in less than three minutes (at sea level). Preheat time is kept to a minimum, conserving energy. 4 Residential Models available.
All Relax-A-mist copper boilers are electrolytically compatible with copper water and steam piping. Copper is used to ensure electrolysis will not be a problem as can be the case when dissimilar metals are used with water that has a high mineral content.

Note: Depending on wall and ceiling construction, such as tile on cement board, synthetic marble, glass blocks or natural stone, a larger steam generator may be required.

JR1 and JR2 Installation Instructions: click here
Instructions for Time+Temp w Remote: click here
Descaling Residential Steam Generators: click here

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