Sauna Tile Edge (2×12)

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We provide the charcoal colored floor tile as standard flooring in our sauna kits.
2″x12″ interlocking edging for our standard 12×12 sauna tiles. Features “ramped” edges.
Supports wheelchairs and rolling stock.
Features U.V. stable material with fungus inhibitors; mold and mildew proof.
Provides superior traction in wet and dry environments.
Conforms to irregular floor levels, “cushion” surface.
Easily removed in one piece to permit floor cleaning.
Snap together interlocking connections.
Ramped edges supports wheelchairs and rolling stock.
Superior to hard plastic, slippery traditional tiles.
Usable to -35 degrees Celsius

We stock one of the best flooring materials on the market today for the recreation industry. Designed for long service life, we even have customers using it on the Canadian Prairies because it’s rated for use down to – 35 degrees Celsius!

The variety of uses for this floor tile are only limited by the imagination, but some are in showers, changing rooms, campground facilities, senior residence facilities, pools, spas, saunas…in short, anywhere positive traction underfoot is required.

  • This phenomenal flooring is made of PVC, and contains fungus and mildew inhibitors.
  • It’s U.V.  stable for outdoor applications.
  • Each tile measures 2″ x 12″ x 3/8″ thick and conforms to any irregularities in the sub-floor without “rocking”.
  • It’s fire resistant, impervious to most chemicals, oil, and grease, and is mold and mildew proof.
  • Ample drainage is provided through 394 holes per square foot.
  • The addition of tapered edges provides a beautiful finished edge – ideal for wheelchair traffic.

Floor Tile Installation Tips: Click here

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