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Safe, Efficient, Reliable, Economical, Enjoyable! A steam room with a RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generator will be an asset in any project.

Designed for efficiency, RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generators operate on a daily basis. Start-up and shut down is automatic saving staff time each day. A built-in 24 hour time clock controls the daily operation or, if desired, the unit can be connected to a remote switching device such as a master computer to control the hours of operation.

Steam generators by RELAX-A-MIST™ are fully grounded electrically and they operate less than one pound of pressure. All steam generators are factory tested and approved prior to shipping.

Electronic thermostats control the temperature in the steam room. The room is maintained at a stand-by temperature to keep it constantly ready for use. When the air switch is activated the room’s temperature is increased while the room is in use.

RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generators have an automatic Drain/Flush system. During the course of a day’s operation, impurities from the water collect inside the boiler body. At the end of the day, the automatic Drain/Flush system drains and flushes the boiler to get rid of free flowing accumulation.
RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generators are used for steam rooms in residences, golf clubs, fitness clubs, spas and pools across North America.

Commercial Steam Generator Installation: click here
Commercial Generator Start-Up + Operation: click here
Instructions for Time+Temp w Remote: click here

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